Brown County Health Department

Brown County Indiana Health Department

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Welcome to the Brown County Health Department

The Brown County Health Department encourages organized community efforts to address public health issues by applying medical, scientific and technical knowledge to prevent disease and promote health.

Last Updated 11/7/2019

201 Locust Lane
P.O. Box 281
Nashville, Indiana 47448      
Phone: (812) 988-2255
Fax: (812) 988-5601 

Please call the front office staff if you have any questions about: Septic Permits, Septic Searches or Spec Sheets.
BACK TO SCHOOL! The Brown County Health Department now accepts insurance for vaccinations! Schedule appointments whether you have insurance or not by calling 812-988-2255. Complete your Back-To-School-To-Do List today and avoid paying a doctors fee.
The Brown County Health Department now accepts credit or debit cards. We also accept cash (when paying in person), personal checks, money orders and cashier's checks.
NEW! Forms for the Brown County Health Department are now accessible on both the individual services pages and on the Links/Forms page to help make finding and downloading our forms easier.
NEW! Mushroom questions? Here is the State of Indiana's recommended mushroom experts:
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2019 Restaurant License Renewals

The Annual Food Permit application for Brown County for 2019 is now available. Completed application forms and payment are due between January 2nd and January 31st. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot take money prior to January 2nd.

For seasonal operations, licenses need to be renewed prior to opening.  Special events (i.e. Valentines Day openings) licensing must be in place. All year/ non-seasonal permits paid after the 31st of January will be subject to a $10/day fine.

Original signed copy of the application are required to issue the license.  We cannot accept scanned copies. You can mail this signed form to us or drop it off at the office. We do take credit and debit cards, money orders and cash for a 3% fee.  Please call the office if you have any questions.

Annual Licensing Letter 2019.pdf
Annual License Application 2019.pdf
Checklist for Non-Profit Organizations.pdf
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Food Manager's Certification Class

Next ServSafe class Food Manager Certification Class will be October 29th-30th at the Brown County Annex Building. Class starts both days at 8:30, it runs until 12:30 on the first day and then on the second day the test will be given at the end of class with a two hour test time, so the class may run until 2:30. The test will be given about noon. Cost for the class, text and answer sheet is $125. Call the Brown County Health Department to reserve a place in this class. If you have the 7TH edition of the text you will only be charged $50 for the class, but if you don’t have this latest edition, you will need to purchase it, as there have been many changes to the previous 6th edition text. This class will be taught on the 2017 food code.
Class is limited to 12 participants. You can pick up your text when you pay for the class, the Brown County Health Department is open 8-4 M-F and you can study in advance.

All businesses are required to have a Food MANAGER on staff, unless you are a 501 c(3) or only carry pre-packaged non- refrigerated food. (This certification is not the "Food handler" online version) In the 2017 food code, which will be adopted in the next couple of years, you will be required to have a Food Manager ON SITE at all times that the operation is open.

For more information or to register call 812-988-2255.
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Food Safety Education Class

This FREE food safety class can be provided either at the County Building or your restaurant or food service establishment. This is a basic class that discusses the ways to help prevent food borne illness and is geared towards service staff, dishwashers, kitchen help and management. This is not a certified class and will not meet the requirements for a Certified Food Handler, but it will give staff a working knowledge of the reasons behind some of the Food Code regulations.
Contact Jennifer Heller, EHS at the Brown County Health Department to set up a time and location for presentations. (812) 988-2255
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Brown County Health Department Sharps Containers Disposal Program:

In an effort to ensure proper disposal of sharps (needles, syringes, and lancets), the Brown County Health Department is now participating in a sharps container disposal program. This is a free service for county residents who may use sharps for themselves, family members, pets, and/or livestock. Sharps containers may be picked up at the Health Department M-F, 8:30-3:30, with the exception of holidays.

A full, sealed sharps container can be returned to the Health Department for free disposal and an empty one received at that time. Sharps containers are for sharps only. No other waste is to be placed in the container. The Health Department will only collect and dispose of FDA-cleared sharps containers. Alternative sharps containers, such as detergent bottles or coffee cans, will not be accepted. This is not a syringe exchange program.

The Brown County Health Department thanks you for participating in this program in an effort to keep sharps out of our daily trash and helping to maintain Brown County as a beautiful place to live and work.
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Tips to Help Avoid Mosquito-Borne Diseases and Reduce Mosquito Populations:

The State Health Department has identified that the first positives for West Nile Virus have started to come in, 2 counties so far (not Brown County yet).

Do you want
to learn how you can help avoid mosquito-borne diseases
and reduce mosquito populations?

Here's some timely tips for summer bites and stings...

Reference: Indiana Poison Center 1-800-222-1222

Avoiding bites and stings;
1) Pour drinks from cans into cups so you can see if there are any insects in the can
2) Always wear shoes outside
3) Don't wear perfume or use shampoo that is flowery smelling or fruity, insects are drawn to these odors.

IF you are stung;
1) Wash the skin that has the bite
2) Use ice packs on the bite for 20 minutes then take off and rewarm the skin before putting the ice pack back on. Best not to have it contact skin directly, wrap it in a damp light towel or rag before applying to the bite.
3) Elevate the stung body part
4) If the person is not allergic - use benedryl or ibuprofen to help pain and itching

The bitten or stung person gets a rash or itching on most of their body
Feels dizzy
Feels sick or nauseous
Has chest pain

If you use repellent, wash off your skin and change clothes as soon as you come inside
Wear long sleeve shirts and long pants sprayed with repellent when you go outside. Try to stay inside after dusk when mosquitoes feed.
Community Health Resources:
Adult Stay Well Clinics are held monthly at Hickory Ridge.  Nurses perform general screenings for no charge at these clinics.
Important Health Information:
For current information on safety concerns in Indiana, please contact the State Board of Health web page at:
If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our office at:
Phone: (812) 988-2255