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Health Department staff routinely inspects all permanent retail food service establishments in the county as well as temporary event food establishments.  Current and previous inspections are available for viewing at the Health Department any time during regular business hours.

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License: Issue annual retail food establishment and temporary event food licenses.
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Inspections: Conduct risk based routine retail food establishment inspections and re-inspections in accordance with state and county codes.
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Investigations: Investigate reported cases of food-borne illness outbreaks and consumer complaints of code violations.
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Food Service Sanitation Program: An informal educational program designed to instruct those working in the food service industry in sanitary food handling techniques.
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Food Handler Certification Examination and Training Program: BCHD offers an accredited food handler certification training course and examination
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Plan Review: Review all proposed plans for new construction, renovation, and remodeling of retail food establishments for compliance with equipment and facility design criteria in accordance with 410 IAC 7-24.
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Grease Traps:

Town Ordinance  51.05 Sewers Section (D):
(1) Grease, oil and sand interceptors shall be provided when, in the opinion of the Inspector, they are necessary for the proper handling of liquid wastes containing grease in excessive amount, or any flammable wastes, sand and other harmful ingredients; except that these interceptors shall not be required for private living quarters or dwelling units. All interceptors shall be of a type and capacity approved by the Superintendent and shall be located as to be readily and easily accessible for cleaning and inspection. (2) Grease and oil interceptors shall be constructed of impervious materials capable of withstanding abrupt and extreme changes in temperature. They shall be of substantial construction, watertight and equipped with easily removable covers which, when bolted in place, shall be gastight and watertight. (3) Where installed, all grease, oil and sand interceptors shall be maintained by the owner, at his or her expense, in continuously efficient operation at all times.
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Sampling Products in Retail Food Establishments:

In the interest of a uniform procedure for foods to be sampled in our retail food establishments, the Brown County Health Department and the Indiana State Department of Health have established specific requirements in Brown County for sampling;

FOREMOST- You must have a food license from the BC Health Department

Complete sampling requirements for food sampling can be found in the Food Sampling Guidelines pdf document:
Forms can be opened and downloaded in PDF format by clicking on any of the links below.