Restaurant Evaluations

Restaurant Evaluations | Brown County Health Department

Click on any of the restaurants below to view a list of their available inspections for review. Click on the evaluation date to open a PDF copy. Restaurants marked with asterisks *** have either closed or changed names.

Brown County Indiana Restaurant Inspections 2012-Present:


Bear Wallow Distillery
Beta Teen Center 10-17-17.pdf
Big Jims Bar-B-Que
Big Jims BBQ 9-15-17.pdf
Big Jim's BBQ 4-20-18.pdf
Brown County Dragway
Brown County Dragway 4-22-18.pdf
Brown County Dragway 6-2-19.pdf
Birds Nest Cafe
Birds Nest Cafe 10-6-17.pdf
Birds Nest Cafe 4-25-18.pdf
Birds Nest Cafe 10-3-18.pdf
Brown Bike
Brown Bike 6-7-18.pdf
Brown Bike 10-17-18.pdf
Brown County Backpacks
Brown County Backpacks 10-2-17.pdf
Brown County Weekend Backpacks 9-5-18.pdf
Brown County Democrat
Brown County Democrat Central 8-2-17.pdf
Brown County Historical Society
Brown County Historical Society 5-30-19.pdf
Brown County Kettle Corn
Brown County Music Center
Brown County Music Center 6-15-19.pdf
Brown County Playhouse
Brown County Playhouse 7-21-17.pdf
Brown County Republicans
Brown County School Lunch Program
Brown County School USDA Summer Lunch YMCA.pdf
Brown County School USDA Summer Lunch YMCA.pdf
Brown County School USDA Summer Lunch 7-9-18.pdf
Brown County School USDA Summer Lunch Forest Hills 7-9-18.pdf
Brown County School USDA Summer Lunch Intermediate 7-24-18.pdf
Brown County School USDA Summer Lunch 6-7-19.pdf
Brown County Steak & Seafood


California Dreaming
Calzone Jones***
Camp Gnawbone
Cedar Creek Winery
Cedar Creek Winery 10-11-17.pdf
Cedar Creek Winery 10-17-18.pdf
Chocolate Moose
Chocolate Moose 13.pdf
Chocolate Moose 8-2-17.pdf
Chocolate Moose 10-24-17.pdf
Chocolate Moose 12-20-17.pdf
Chocolate Moose 2-7-18.pdf
Chocolate Moose 4-2-18.pdf
Chocolate Moose 11-5-18.pdf
Chocolate Moose 1-26-19.pdf
Chocolate Moose 8-29-19.pdf
Church of the Lakes
Creperie Cafe
The Creperie Cafe 8-30-18.pdf


Daily Grind
Dollar General
Dollar General 9-13-17.pdf
Dollar General 7-2-18.pdf
Dollar General 4-22-19.pdf


Emerald Pencil
The Emerald Pencil 7-29-18.pdf
The Emerald Pencil 9-4-19.pdf


Gnawbone Camp
Gnawbone Camp 7-10-17.pdf
Gnawbone Camp 7-9-18.pdf
Gnawbone Camp 6-25-19.pdf
Gnawbone Creek Trading Post
Gnawbone Creek Trading Post 4-26-18.pdf
Gnawbone Coffee
Gnawbone Coffee 8-22-17.pdf
Gnawbone Coffee 10-27-17.pdf
Gnawbone Coffee 4-4-18.pdf
Gnawbone Coffee 8-2-18.pdf
Gnawbone Coffee 6-7-19.pdf
Gnawbone Country Store & Bakery
Gnawbone Country Store & Bakery 10-13-17.pdf
Gnawbone Country Store & Bakery 4-20-18.pdf
Gnawbone Country Store & Bakery 8-2-18.pdf
Gnawbone Country Store & Bakery 3-18-19.pdf


Happy Days Diner***
Heavenly Biscuit
Heavenly Biscuit 6-20-19.pdf
Heavenly Biscuit 7-24-19.pdf
Heavenly Biscuit 9-4-19.pdf
Helmsburg General Store
Helmsburg General Store 9-13-17.pdf
Helmsburg General Store 4-22-18.pdf
Helmsburg General Store 7-11-18.pdf
Helmsburg General Store 9-7-18.pdf
Helmsburg General Store 10-29-18.pdf
Helmsburg General Store 4-22-19.pdf
Heritage Candy Store
Heritage Candy Store 3-6-18.pdf
Heritage Candy Store 7-24-18.pdf
Heritage Candy Store 6-6-19.pdf
Hickory Ridge Senior Center
Hickory Ridge Senior Center 10-19-17.pdf
Hickory Ridge Senior Center 7-19-18.pdf
HorsePower Creamery***
HSI Headstart
HSI Head Start 5-29-18.pdf
HSI Head Start 6-20-18.pdf
HSI Headstart 2-24-19.pdf


Kiss The Cook


Lil Bear Inn
Lil Black Bear Inn 8-20-18.pdf
Lil Black Bear Inn 8-16-19.pdf


Michaels Farm House Cafe


Nashville Elementary School
Nashville Farmers Market
Nashville Farmer's Market 5-6-18.pdf
Nashville Spice Company
Nashville Spice Company 10-12-17.pdf
Nashville Spice Company 7-24-18.pdf


Old Dads Hot Dogs
Ooey Gooey Rolls
Ooey Gooey Rolls 2-5-18.pdf
Ooey Gooey Rolls 9-5-18.pdf
Ooey Gooey Rolls 5-31-19.pdf
Ooey Gooey Rolls 8-1-19.pdf
Our Sandwich Place
Our Sandwich Place 6-1-18.pdf
Our Sandwich Place 4-5-19.pdf
Overlook Banquet Area/Grill
The Overlook Banquet Area 7-20-18.pdf
The Overlook Grill 7-20-18.pdf
The Overlook Banquet Area 12-19-18.pdf
The Overlook Grill 12-19-18.pdf
The Overlook Banquet Area 3-25-19.pdf


Quality Inn
Quality Inn 3-22-19.pdf
Quick Sale Auction Service***


R&D Concessions
R&D Concessions 4-6-18.pdf
Ram Family Farms
Ram Family Farms 7-28-17.pdf


Salt Creek Winery
Salvation Army
Salvation Army 7-27-18.pdf
Shepherd of the Hills
Shepherd of the Hills 5-30-18.pdf
Slippery Elm Shoot Inn
Slippery Elm Shoot Inn 8-14-18.pdf
Slippery Elm Shoot Inn 8-23-19.pdf
Soups On
Soups On 2-23-18.pdf
S-Squared Sweets***
St Davids Farmer's Market
Sugar Creek Smokers
Sugar Creek Smokers 2-13-18.pdf
Sugar Creek Smokers 4-4-18.pdf
Sugar Creek Bar B Q- 3-21-19.pdf


Walnut Ridge Camp & Retreat
Walnut Ridge Retreat Center 7-11-18.pdf
Walnut Ridge Retreat Center 6-12-19.pdf
Wing Wagon, The
The Wing Wagon 10-4-18.pdf