Nursing Services

Nursing | Brown County Health Dept

Appointments for Nursing Services are recommended.

Nursing Services We Provide:

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Blood Pressure Screenings: Provide information on both high and low blood pressure.
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Cholesterol Check: High cholesterol screening NOT diagnostic ($12 Charge).
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Blood Sugar Screening: To determine high or low blood sugar.
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Anemia Screening: Hemoglobin only.
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Lead Screening: For children 7-years-old and younger.
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Tuberculosis Screening: TB screening and follow-up
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Head Lice Screening: Visual head lice screening provided by one of our nurses.
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Health Education: Call for more information to talk to one of our nurses about a specific medical issue you may have a question about.
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Communicable Disease Investigation: Your provider is responsible by Indiana law to report certain diseases to local health departments. A nurse from the health department in the county in which you live will contact you by phone or mail for information that pertains to your specific illness, as well as a medical and social history. (All information is kept in the strictest confidence.)
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Pregnancy Testing: Pregnancy testing, family planning, and educational information. We also offer information on agencies that provide free STD testing. In addition, condoms are available for STD prevention.
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Height & Weight: Height & weight measurements, as well as Body Mass Index (BMI).
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Immunizations: Currently, the Indiana State Department of Health provides funding that pays for immunizations for adults that have no insurance. In addition, the federal government provides funding for children that are on Medicaid or have no insurance.

*Blood Screenings all by finger stick.